Shadow of the Lions: A Novel

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During his senior year at Blackburne School, Matthias Glass’s roommate and best friend, Fritz Davenport, disappears into the woods and isn’t seen again after an argument between the two. Years later, Matthias returns to the school as a teacher and confronts his past. Unable to let go of Fritz, he decides to continue his search and speaks with the deputies that handled the case. After the death of a student, he stumbles into something darker at Blackburne and discovers startling truths behind Fritz’s disappearance.

Devastating and captivating, Shadow of the Lions is an addictive mystery of corruption and redemption. Filled with secrets and betrayal, Blackburne is the perfect setting and has a gritty and noir atmosphere. Flashbacks connect Matthias back to the school through his relationship with Fritz. Matthias is a compelling lead, a lost soul desperately searching for answers and racked with guilt. His search for answers gives Matthias closure and a second chance. The mystery unfolds with twists and turns, with clues in the most unexpected places. It’s a serious read that pulls you into Matthias’s dedication until you’re as determined to know what happened to Fritz as he is. A must-read debut!

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Author Christopher Swann
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Algonquin Books
Publish Date 2017-Aug-01
ISBN 9781616205003 Buy this Book
Issue August 2017
Category Mystery, Crime & Thriller


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