Spells Trouble: Sisters of Salem (Sisters of Salem, 1)

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Hunter and Mercy Goode are more than just twins celebrating their sixteenth birthday. They’re also witches that have a special heritage as Gatekeepers with the important job of guarding the entrances to various underworlds. They thought the worst of their problems would be the growing pains of being witches and dealing with former bullies, first loves, and each other. Murders soon rock their small town and the sisters face their greatest loss when their mother dies. The twins will do anything to bring their mother’s killer to justice while fighting against ancient monsters that invade the town. Hunter and Mercy face their new responsibilities and embrace their destiny which could put their bond at risk.

Mythology comes to life in this magic-infused coming-of-age story about the bond of sisters. At the root of the story is two normal teenage girls facing the weight of their destinies following the death of their mother. The story has a genuine tone that explores grief and growing pains through humor, monster fighting, and sister bonding as Mercy and Hunter experience the trials and tribulation of being both teenagers and witches. The bond between sisters is at the heart of the story as they lean on each other through their pain and work through the friction that grows between them. Teenage angst, friendship, loyalty, and even a shapeshifting cat can be found in /Spells Trouble/ which tackles the themes of bullying, growing up, destiny, first love, betrayal, sisterhood, and strength.

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Author P. C. Cast
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 327 pages
Publisher Wednesday Books
Publish Date 10-Jul-2021
ISBN 9781250833655
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Issue September 2021
Category Young Adult