Stories of the Indebted

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Jorge P. Newbery, author of Burn Zones and Debt Cleanse is back at it again with another enthralling insight into the United States of America’s financial system with Stories of the Indebted. For those unfamiliar with Newbery’s earlier work, Newbery made millions through real estate before turning 40, only to lose everything and end up $26 million dollars in debt. Since his misstep, Newbery has worked tirelessly to absolve his debt and to teach others how to do the same. Stories of the Indebted will resonate with any individual who has ever taken out a loan, thought of buying a house, or considered a starting small business or attending college. For many Americans, it is easy to accumulate debt and nearly impossible to overcome it. Over seven riveting chapters, Newbery introspectively explains once-complicated financial jargon in straightforward, adaptable language that transforms the entire field from something as complicated as programming a VCR to something as manageable as making toast. Through paragraphs much more like a conversation than soapbox, Newbery provides guidance and encouragement on everything from housing to small business and student loan debt. Moreover, he makes the information accessible by weaving in authentic, true-to-life representations to not only empathize with readers but also validate the existence of a true path to success. From Newbery’s perspective, “Our youth shouldn’t have to decide between paying their debts and chasing their dreams, like getting married and starting a family…or traveling, or starting a business, or another pursuit.” Newbery’s latest work proves a quick read, bursting with a wealth of knowledge that will benefit even the most financially savvy individual. Can you afford to pass on Stories of the Indebted? Pick up a copy of Stories of the Indebted and stop getting caught in the loopholes and technicalities that drain the savings accounts and dreams of so many hard workers. Become a Debt Threat today!

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Author Jorge P. Newbery
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 128 pages
Publisher Community Books LLC
Publish Date 2016-09-29
ISBN 9781619614918 Buy this Book
Issue November 2016
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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