Supernatural P.I. (The Fawn Malero Mysteries Book 2)

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Fawn puts a lot of hours into being a Supernatural PI, helping the supernaturals that need her help and getting herself into some sticky situations. It never occurred to her that a request would come from the water too. Then she meets Elodris – a shapeshifting octopus – who arrives on land to beg for her help. Something is weakening the supernatural creatures in the ocean, and it’s up to Fawn and her friends to find answers.

This world is delightfully original, with supernatural creatures and eccentric characters that draw Fawn into various situations. Her charming world is populated by a variety of quirky characters that perfectly blend into this world by adding a lightness to the tone through humorous dialogue and personalities. The plot revolves around a mysterious woman that came in need of help and draws Fawn into a lesser-known part of this supernatural world. Underneath the mystery is romantic comedy elements that revolve around the funny and chemistry-filled relationship between Fawn and Logan. This delves further into their deep connection and partnership with foils in the form of sexy vampires and clever banter. Supernatural PI weaves a delightful mystery and romantic comedy into an original world with supernatural creatures, eccentric characters, and an addicting plot.

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Author Courtney Davis
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 238 pages
Publisher DX Varos Publishing
Publish Date 11-Oct-2022
ISBN 9781955065634 Buy this Book
Issue October 2022
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy