Tank Girl: The Wonderful World of Tank Girl

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The essence of the beautiful, bizarre, lewd, clever, violent comic book fuck-around known as Tank Girl can be summed up in a quote from the story “Tank Girl Strikes Again,” describing a plan to rescue the titular character from the high-rise hotel where she’s being held hostage after a surf attack gone wrong: “Let’s just all run in shouting and screaming and farting and firing bazookas.”

Whether you’re a fan of girls with guns, talking kangaroos with guns, or little Shakespeare-quoting mutants, The Wonderful World of Tank Girl, the series’ latest installment, is no exception to the madness that’s been delighting absurdist, basement-dwelling weirdoes for thirty years.

Brett Parson and Alan Martin really make a killer team, with Parson bending styles to match the wit of Martin’s scripts. This is especially evident in the book’s standout story, “The Importance of Being Tank Girl,” which has a sort of “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” muted look perfectly suited to the Oscar Wilde-inspired crossdressing play-within-a-comic romp.

So, as the rules to the included cut ‘n’ play roleplaying game Hunters of the Dirtland say, “get excited, lose yourself, find yourself, feel a sense of completion, be happy.” It really is a wonderful world.

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Author Alan Martin, with illustrations by Brett Parson
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 112 pages
Publisher Titan Comics
Publish Date 2018-08-28
ISBN 9781785862076
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Issue Mar-19
Category Sequential Art


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