That Fat Cat Who Changed His Ways

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A lazy fat cat might be cute to look at but not when it refuses to do its job and chase the mice away. This book, with a story that is hard to follow — is it about exercising, losing weight or becoming the best you can be — and determine follows a fat cat who is so lazy and not up to chasing mice the other animals, including a dog with a firefighters outfit, have teamed up together to help the cat get into shape so he can chase the mice out of the house. The art in the book is very simplistic, even at the standards of children’s books these days. The art does little to keep a young reader engaged with the story. Throughout the story we learn about the different ways a person can eat healthy, get enough exercise and learn about how to change ways for the better; but the message really does not resonate that well in the end. The language used, and the amount per a page, the book is designed for adults to read to children.

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Author Daniel Walten, Jo-Anne Button
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Brown Books Kids
Publish Date 18-Oct-2022
ISBN 9781612545677 Buy this Book
Issue January 2023
Category Children's