The ABCs of LOVE: Learn How Couples Rekindle Desire and Get Happy Again

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This book is literally an ABC book, where each letter represents a facet of behavior. Some letters cover multiple attributes (such as V, which covers vows, values, and vision). Most chapters are just under ten pages, and some of the longer ones are about a dozen pages. The writing style is conversational, and chapters are packed with examples and various scenarios for addressing the same issue. Throughout the book, the text poses questions for reflection and suggests activities that the reader can do alone or with a partner.

The underlying premise is that you (the reader) can change your behavior, and through that change influence the behaviors of others around you. Your behavioral changes will hopefully be accompanied by empathy and greater levels of sharing and openness – not undesirable characteristics in life companions. The book is light on psych theory (as would be expected for this genre) and light on references that point to the underlying theory. However, when reading the text, it seems to be based on sound conventional theories and practices. The chapters are bite-sized for quick reading and build on each other. It is recommended that one skims the book in order, then returns to the chapters of interest. Just reading chapters of interest may leave readers oblivious to the underlying rationale covered in previous chapters.

The information the book provides is easily accessible to most readers willing to spend a little bit of time searching for it. Its value is that it takes conventional understanding of human behavior and applies it to intimate relationships. While these can be extended to other kinds of human relationships, the book focuses on only one. Overall, it is an excellent book; my only regret is that I wish it had a more complete list of references.

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Author Diana Shulman
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 232 pages
Publisher Sharper House Press
Publish Date 2017-Dec-12
ISBN 9780692925881 Buy this Book
Issue May 2018
Category Relationships & Sex


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