The City Where We Once Lived: A Novel

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The City Where We Once Lived by Eric Barnes takes place in a dystopian future, looking at a city, a city that is divided. Divided into the North End and the South End. In the North End, abandoned and left to decay, the only life that remains is a small population, scattered over many miles. The South End is where the majority of the population came to from the Southside and where the city dedicates its resources to. Strangers are coming to the North End, some trying to hide (or escape) from the South End, while others, teenagers, look for trouble and to harm the community in the North End. The City Where We Once Lived shows that in the end, no matter what happens, a community will remain strong.

The City Where We Once Lived did not let me down. From the first pages all the way to the last, I was drawn in. I have read some dystopian future books in the past, but The City Where We Once Lived stands out among them. The writing is exceptional, and I promise, The City Where We Once Lived will touch you deeply. Some chapters make it seem as though all is well, but in the end, they will make you want more.

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Author Eric Barnes
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 244 pages
Publisher Arcade Publishing
Publish Date 2018-Apr-03
ISBN 9781628728835 Buy this Book
Issue November 2018
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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