The Field of Wrongdoing

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The Field of Wrongdoing tells the twisted yet entrancing story of a girl named Cassie who lives in a small town in Nevada. One day, Cassie and her boyfriend Leo find the dead body of a missing girl in the well where Leo lives. Soon after, Leo goes to prison after crashing his Mustang one night with Cassie’s mother in the passenger seat. Cassie’s mother ends up in a coma and is kept alive by Cassie’s stepfather Damon. Eight years go by and Leo is let out of prison for good behavior. This is when the story gets good. Another girl has gone missing and Cassie wonders if it is just a coincidence that it coincides with Leo getting out of prison.

This book was difficult to put down as the reader finds out that evil lurks in every corner in this small town. The people you think you can trust, you can’t. Cassie finds herself being raped and there is a significant amount of murder in this book. The book is told through the eyes of Cassie, Leo, and Damon, and the ending will shock you to your core.

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Author Lili St. Germain
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 360 pages
Publisher Level 4 Press, Inc.
Publish Date 12-Oct-2021
ISBN 9781646304967 Buy this Book
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller