The Grumbletroll

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One day, a little blue troll who lives behind a forest decides to build a cottage. When things start to go terribly wrong, his frustration level rises. He rumbles about, making all sorts of disturbing noises. He stomps down to the brook after scolding the apple tree from which he failed to get any fruit. He rages and howls, scaring the fish so badly they simply forget how to swim. His friends quickly lose patience with him and his disagreeable disposition. He grumbles that he doesn’t care but soon finds himself lonely and bored. He relents and sends a message of apology. Luckily for him, they’re a forgiving bunch and welcome him back into the circle.

This is a unique and hilarious story that young children will cherish. They’ll find it relatable, as nearly all youngsters have known people who anger easily and complain loudly, ruining the spirits of those around them. They’ll be heartened by the forgiveness and acceptance his buddies are so willing to grant. Additionally, the vibrant, detailed illustrations will capture their attention, and the humor depicted through those illustrations will have them rolling with laughter. They’ll plead for another read and mark The Grumbletroll as one of their all-time favorites.

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Author aprilkind, Barbara Van Den Speulhof and Stephan Pricken
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Schiffer Kids
Publish Date 28-Apr-2021
ISBN 9780764361173 Buy this Book
Issue May 2021
Category Children's