The Hammer – Why Dogs Attack Us and How to Prevent It

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In The Hammer: Why Dogs Attack Us and How to Prevent It, Bryan Bailey sets out to “educate dog owners about the real causes of dog aggression, and what they must do when confronted with such aggression in order to avoid serious bodily harm or death.” Mr. Bailey gives four accounts of actual dog-caused fatalities, allowing the reader to assess what kind of aggression the dog was presenting and how it played out for the victim. He also walks you through the four factors of an attack, the different types of canine aggression, and how to survive an attack if you are unable to escape. There is a very useful appendix with pictures of the differing canine warning signals, making it very simple to recognize what kind of situation you are in. All throughout his book, Bailey combats the line of thinking that “my dog loves me so he will never hurt me.” In his notes from the author, he says, “A dog will attack a human regardless of any amount of benevolence or love provided by that human if the dog ever perceives that human as a threat or an opponent in its acquisition of high-value food or objects, defense of its territory, or if it feels its life is in jeopardy.”

This book was incredibly informative. I know that people will be outraged at what the author says, and he even admits that, but his knowledge of dogs and wolves puts him in a position to teach others how to safely interact with dogs. I found myself talking to everyone about this book. This book should be read by everyone. Whether you like dogs or not, if you are ever going to come into contact with a dog, you need this information. I know that I was ignorant before reading this. I am very thankful that I now have this information should we decide to get another dog someday.

The author writes about how most dog-caused fatalities are from larger dogs such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, but it has more to do with their size and the damage they can do than to their temperament or how they were raised. He mentions how any size dog will act aggressively in certain situations; he just wants you to be aware of how much damage can be done by the different sizes.

The author’s hope is that “someday, no man, woman, or child will ever die from the very real cause of canine aggression.” You can help put a stop to that by being informed and reading this book.

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Author Bryan Bailey
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 240 pages
Publisher Best Seller Publishing
Publish Date 2017-Dec-16
ISBN 9781946978387 Buy this Book
Issue January 2018
Category Science & Nature


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