The Little Kitten (My Little Animal Friend)

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When Ollie and her beloved cat, Pumpkin, trek outside to play, they discover a delightful kitten underneath a pile of autumn leaves. Ollie swoops it up and holds it close to warm its shivering body before engaging it in a game of hide-and-seek. After a quick, restful sleep, the kitten awakes, ready for more adventure. They run deep into the woods, and on the surrounding trees, Ollie discovers posters of a missing kitten. A path leading to the kitten’s home is uncovered underneath the windswept leaves. Though Ollie is sad to lead it home, she knows someone there must love it deeply. She rushes back to find Pumpkin alone in the darkness buried underneath a pile of leaves. With great relief, they are reunited once again.

Author and illustrator, Nicola Killen, brings readers a sweet and engaging story designed for children ages four to eight. Little ones will fancy Ollie’s adorable cat costume she wears throughout the tale, blending in nicely with her surroundings. They, as well as their older peers and siblings, will be drawn to the glistening, gold leaves scattered throughout the story. They have a sleek, soft texture and illuminate the pages with their brightness. Unique cut-out windows are scattered throughout the text as well that add intrigue and originality to it. Killen’s simple, yet distinguishable style is perfect for early readers. /The Little Kitten/ will be an ideal pick to add to their collection.

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Author Nicola Killen
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Paula Wiseman Books
Publish Date 7/21/2020
ISBN 9781534466968 Buy this Book
Issue September 2020
Category Children's


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