The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek: A Novel

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Bleak Creek is your typical Southern town: two Baptist churches, BBQs at every possible opportunity, and everyone knows everyone else’s business. The underlying threat for each disobedient child is that if they are troublemakers, they will be sent to the Whitewood School, a reform school for The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek. Rex and Leif know they are constantly pushing the line, but they’ve never crossed it before. While making their horror movie, however, their lead actress and best friend, Alicia, runs into Mr. Whitewood himself while he’s barbecuing during grace being said, and off she goes to the school. One thing they know is that there have been a lot of accidental deaths at that school and if a kid does survive their experience, they are never the same. It’s up to these two high school freshman to save their friend and bring down that school once and for all.

I’ve never heard of Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal before (sorry!), but the plot sounded interesting so I wanted to check this book out. It was awesome! I really enjoyed the Triumvirate’s characters, and who doesn’t enjoy a good coming of age story with teenagers taking on the world? It definitely has a Stranger Things vibe, but I would say it’s more lighthearted than that. It’s also pretty clean, with only a few swear words, so it was just good clean fun. I would highly recommend it!

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Author Rhett McLaughlin
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 336 pages
Publisher Crown
Publish Date 2019-10-29
ISBN 9781984822130 Buy this Book
Issue December 2019
Category Horror


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