The Majesties: A Novel

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Tiffany Tsao’s The Majesties is wholly captivating from the first frightening scene to the final surprising twist. Gwendolyn’s sister, Estella, has just poisoned her entire family as well as herself during a celebration. Gwendolyn is the only survivor. While in a coma, she recounts the history leading up to her family’s demise. She begins dissecting Estella’s and her life together, looking for clues that may point to Estella’s decision to commit mass murder and suicide. She recalls their time at university studying entomology, Estella’s failed marriage to an abusive man, and their trip to California to visit their aunt whom they had been led to believe was dead. In her grief, Gwendolyn grapples with her family’s lies and her own identity.

Written in the first person from a self-reflective comatose state, The Majesties examines the dark secrets of a wealthy Chinese-Indonesian family that hungers for power, money, and a good reputation at whatever cost. Although best classified as a mystery, The Majesties transcends the genre with affecting prose that is both quiet and contemplative. Even still, the novel’s very few thrilling moments will haunt every reader. Tsao explores race and domestic abuse with sincerity, proving Tsao’s proficiency as a writer. The Majesties is perfect for anyone who finds the search for motive as interesting as the crime itself.

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Author Tiffany Tsao
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 272 pages
Publisher Atria Books
Publish Date 2020-Jan-21
ISBN 9781982115500 Buy this Book
Issue February 2021
Category Popular Fiction


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