The Midnight Library: A Novel

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The Midnight Library is quite possibly my favorite book of the year thus far. Beautifully written with life lessons to be learned throughout, Matt Haig does an exquisite job writing about Ms. Nora Seed. Nora is ready to take her own life. Her life isn’t what she wants it to be and she finds herself depressed and ready to throw in the towel. During her attempted suicide, she finds herself in the Midnight Library. This library is different from any other library because each and every book contains a different version of Nora’s life. It is there that she meets the one person whose shoulder she cried on when her father died, the only person in her life who gave her a kind of unconditional love, Mrs. Elm. She is guided by this version of Mrs. Elm to give different versions of her life a try. What would have happened if she had become an Olympic swimmer? Or an arctic explorer?

The Midnight Library is a creative wonder and will make anyone think, “What if I had made a different choice in life?” With brilliant characters who surround Nora and dramatically different backdrops, this book is a must-read novel if only for the fun and adventure.

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Author Matt Haig
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 288 pages
Publisher Viking
Publish Date 2020-Sep-29
ISBN 9780525559474 Buy this Book
Issue December 2020
Category Popular Fiction


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