The Montague Twins: Volume 1, The Witch’s Hand

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Three amateur teenage detectives begin a thrilling adventure to uncover long-buried secrets in their sleepy New England town circa 1969. Twin brothers, Al (Alistair) and Peter Montague, have recently solved the case of the Bradford’s missing dog. Their guardian, David, orders them to take a day off from sleuthing. David and his wife, Shelly, took the boys in after their parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The twins set out to enjoy the summer day along with Charlie, the couple’s daughter when they suddenly encounter a strange storm and a mysterious robed figure. Later that evening, three girls go missing, including Mr. Bradford’s daughter. As Al, Peter, and Charlie go in search of the missing girls, they discover magical forces that will change their lives forever.

The Montague Twins: The Witch’s Hand by Nathan Page and Drew Shannon is an exciting new graphic novel. Page and Shannon give a nod to the Hardy Boys series, even setting the story in the summer of ’69. But they have modernized the classic teen mystery format by including an LGBTQ+ lens. The story has depth and humor and is also a page-turner. It includes magical characters and spooky settings as well as the classic cemetery showdown. The ending hints at future mysteries still left to be solved by the Montague twins.

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Author Nathan Page & Drew Shannon
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher RH Graphic
Publish Date 7/14/2020
ISBN 9780525646761 Buy this Book
Issue September 2020
Category Sequential Art - Kids


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