The Moonsteel Crown: Dominion, Book I

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Street thugs Myla, Fings, and Seth don’t care about the Emperor’s death. Even though the entire empire is in chaos, they spend their days pilfering money and food for the Unrulys, a gang they belong to. Until the day a mysterious man walks in and asks for their help acquiring an even more mysterious object. Now, all three find themselves on the run and in possession of one of the world’s most dangerous objects. But, they find themselves pursued by old enemies as well as the empire. Myla is being hunted by a man from her past she’d rather forget. Fings just wants to get money for his mom and sisters, and maybe even some for himself. Seth is bombarded by visions of a dark future in which he finally holds the power. Against all odds, will Seth, Fings, and Myla be able to save their own skins and maybe even the empire? I thought this was a good book. It was fast-paced, with a lot of action. I liked the unusual cast of anti-heroes and the cliffhanger promise of another good book. I really liked all the adventure and await the next book.

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Author Stephen Deas
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 384 pages
Publisher Angry Robot
Publish Date 2021-Feb-09
ISBN 9781950665815 Buy this Book
Issue April 2021
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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