The Parlay Effect: How Female Connection Can Change The World

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When Anne Devereaux-Mills discovered she had cancer, she also lost her job. These difficulties were compounded by the fact that her two daughters were striking out on their own, leaving her alone and at a crossroads. She decided to change her life and chart a new path into something unknown. By going out of her comfort zone and moving across the country to San Francisco, she hoped to create a new, more fulfilling life for herself. She decided to set up an organization called Parlay House, a place to bring together women who felt a need to connect to and with other women. From the creation of this group, she could see how women grew and found the strength to make a difference in their lives and often in the lives of others.

In The Parlay Effect she explains how women were able to “parlay,” move forward or spread help, confidence, kindness, or connections that improved the value of their interactions. Whether the participant of her group was an initiator, receiver, or witness to acts of kindness or exchange, they all seemed to find meaning in the connections and shifts in their lives. They were often inspired to do more to help others.

I loved the fact that this book explains to readers how they can create something from a small act that might result in a ripple effect that benefits others. I think many women will be able to identify with the sentiments the author shares about how, at times, we feel less connected than others and even downright lonely. No doubt, we could all benefit from trusting relationships and a place to connect with other women who may feel the same, whatever their background.

This book incorporated a good mix of the author’s experiences (which I enjoyed learning about) and the experiences of other men and women who inspired her in some way. The best part is the concrete tips she gives to help other women who want to branch out and make new connections. This book made me think about how I can go out of myself and find, by what she terms “going wide and deep,” new ways of expressing myself and living a more connected and meaningful life. Reading this work made me want to get involved in something, yet to be decided what it will be. The suggestions she provided made me feel empowered to try something new.

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Author Anne Devereux-Mills
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 164 pages
Publisher Parlay House
Publish Date 2020-01-03
ISBN 9781733395908 Buy this Book
Issue January 2020
Category Biographies & Memoirs


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