The Rich in Public Opinion: What We Think When We Think About Wealth

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The Rich In Public Opinion is a thoroughly researched book that not only dissects the prejudices that occur towards the wealthy in America, but is also determined to show how people from countries such as Germany, Britain, and France also view the wealthy. Rainer Zitelmann does an outstanding job of defining the word “prejudice.” In everyday terms, we think of being “prejudiced” as being negative. In reality, prejudice can also be positive with good intentions. It is simply creating a judgment on something before having all the facts. Which is really not saying much, since who has all of the facts on anything? Zitelmann uses several polls to produce the answers to how people are influenced and what they think about how the rich obtain their money, what is fair and not fair, and people’s general stereotypes of a wealthy individual. Children are also included to see what their views of money are at very young ages. This book also covers how the media and movies portray the wealthy and how that may influence those stereotypes. The Rich In Public Opinion is an eyeopener to what others think of the rich. An excellent read for anyone who is looking to understand more about prejudice, envy, and stereotypes.

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Author Rainer Zitelmann
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 300 pages
Publish Date 2020-05-12
ISBN 9781948647670 Buy this Book
Issue June 2020
Category Current Events & Politics


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