The Stiehl Assassin (The Fall of Shannara)

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The Skaar have arrived in the Four Lands, determined to stop at nothing less than all-out conquest. They badly need a new home, but peaceful coexistence is a concept that they do not understand. An advance force under the command of Princess Ajin has already established a foothold, but now with the full Skaar army is on the march. But perhaps the Skaar victory is not so foregone a conclusion as they all assume. If our heroes can figure out who now carries the Stiehl, one of the most powerful weapons within the realm, then maybe our heroes would have a chance to defeat the Skaar army once and for all.

If I am honest, I have been a fan of Terry Brooks’ previous book, so my review may be a little bit biased. You may want to read the previous books in this series first, otherwise, you may not fully understand what is going on. No matter what order you read it in, you will find that Brooks is such a wonderful world-builder, and the way he weaves it all together is absolutely amazing. But, as I first started to read The Stiehl Assassin, I couldn’t help but find this book to be a bit derivative of his over books, to the point that I skipped some repetitive bits and pieces. But, as you know, history always repeats itself, so I also found that to be an expected part of the world-building.

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Author Terry Brooks
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 352 pages
Publisher Del Rey
Publish Date 2019-05-28
ISBN 9780553391541 Buy this Book
Issue July 2019
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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