The Tut Clone Contracts

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What if the future could recreate the past? The Tut Clone Chronicles by Jan Issaye Berkhout weaves a thrilling and intriguing tale that brings that question to life. In the year 2020, Fred Edwards and Sandy LaFaccia work at The Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, focusing on the study of ancient artifacts. Their latest arrival, a mummy from a museum in South Dakota, becomes a trial run for the isolation of ancient DNA and the possibility of cloning. However, it is not this mummy they wish to clone. With the help of Dr. Beatty, a man who is fascinated by ancient Egypt, Edwards and LaFaccia want to get access to artifacts containing DNA remnants from King Tut and create clone embryos that will be implanted unknowingly into women looking to conceive their own child or into surrogates who will give the babies up to families looking to adopt. Nine clones are created and monitored and ultimately cross paths. The closer these young men get and learn about themselves, a plan begins to form for these nine twin clones of King Tut to take Egypt over and reestablish the 34th Dynasty. Some say history can, and will, repeat itself. The question is can these nine pharaoh clones reestablish history that is thousands of years old?

The Tut Clone Chronicles is a novel that brings science, science fiction, history, and suspense together to create a story that will intrigue readers. While scientific procedures and information are referenced, their addition adds to the story without becoming too overwhelming. The same can be said for the historical aspect of this novel. You don’t have to be an ancient Egypt buff to pick this book up and enjoy it. Berkhout’s detailed writing not only keeps the readers informed, but also keeps a steady pace that will keep readers hooked. Overall, The Tut Clone Chronicles has a strong and interesting plot paired with well-written and interesting characters, earning it a five star rating.

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Author Jan Issaye Berkhout
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 432 pages
Publisher Inkwater Press
Publish Date 2014-May-10
ISBN 9781629010557 Buy this Book
Issue February 2018
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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