The Warriors

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Paul Batista’s The Warriors is a legal thriller that mostly takes place in the courtroom. Defense attorney Raquel Rematti is defending the widow of President Jimmy Young, who was assassinated by ISIS terrorists. The defendant, Democratic Senator Angelina Baldesterri, has ambitions of running for president, but accusations of fraud, bribery, and corruption levied by the Republican administration have jeopardized her ambitions. Rematti uses her sharp legal wit to defend Senator Baldesterri as much as possible, but it is a very tough fight.

The Warriors is purely a courtroom drama. The plot is quite unpredictable as there are many twists and turns. There is also a great deal of intrigue spun in the novel. However, the main strength of the book is its character development. All of the characters are very multi-dimensional, as is usual for a good courtroom drama, and each of them has their own demons that they battle with. However, one thing I did not like is that the book is very political, so it may not appeal to a certain group with certain political views. Barring this, The Warriors is a great read that many fans of legal thrillers will appreciate.

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Author Paul Batista
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 336 pages
Publisher Oceanview Publishing
Publish Date 2018-12-18
ISBN 9781608093182 Buy this Book
Issue June 2019
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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