They All Saw a Cat

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As a cat wanders through his world, he encounters a wide variety of other animals: a dog, a fish, a fox, even a bat. Each one sees the cat, but their views vary widely! Brendan Wenzel’s imaginative book They All Saw A Cat has a short, straightforward story, but the gorgeous illustrations give it an unimaginable depth. The child sees a friendly, furry playmate, while the dog sees a spindly, skinny creature. The mouse sees a terrifying monster, while the fish sees only a blurry outline. Young readers will love the wide variety of picture styles, while parents will love the conversational opportunities this book presents. Why does the snake see in shades of yellow, red, and blue? Why does the worm see only squiggly lines? The words are simple, but the concept will entice readers to pick it up again and again.

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Author Brendan Wenzel
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 44 pages
Publisher Chronicle Books
Publish Date 30-Aug-2016
ISBN 9781452150130 Buy this Book
Issue September 2016
Category Children's


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