Through a Forest of Stars

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As soon as you see the cover for Through a Forest of Stars you know you’re in for a treat of hard science fiction: you’ve got your cool-looking space station (which you just know is rotating), orbiting over a cool looking Earth-like planet, which is, in turn, orbiting a bright, warm star; there is color and detail and an enchanting title that just screams read me!

The year is 2217 and, unsurprisingly, Planet Earth is not doing great with a failing biosphere. We tried terraforming Mars, but that hasn’t been working out so well. Meanwhile, the United Earth Domain and the Allied Republics of Mars can’t agree on anything and are at each other’s throats. The arrival of the “voidoids” changed things: these are strange portals that allow travel to other star systems, creating a transportation network throughout the galaxy, but only to a certain degree. Nevertheless, humanity has been extensively searching not just for necessary resources, but for a planet that will harbor life and give the people of the dying Earth a new and viable place to live. And now that a planet has finally been found in the Chara system, and the race is on to see how Earth-like and habitable it truly is.

Aiden Macallan is a planetary geologist who isn’t super happy with where he is, working for Terra Corp, but at least gets to do planetary science he enjoys. The book opens with Aiden on a routine data collection mission and suddenly gets called to return to the main ship, the Argo, with new commands, but upon attempting to return to this own ship, an accident happens that requires some clever and quick thinking to save his own life from drowning and freezing to death in a methane pool. With this opening chapter, the reader is immediately sucked into the gripping story of Through a Forest of Stars, and knows that they’re in the hands of a great SciFi storyteller, as the details and science are there, as is the compelling story.

The Argo must now race to the Chara system with all the hope of humanity on its shoulders, along with the other ships racing to get to the new planet first. Aiden will get to do something he never dreamed of, as well as deal with a whole round of hardships and challenges on the planet, as there are those institutions looking to carve up the planet’s resources for themselves. There’s also the strange recurring dream he keeps having that possibly ties into the Gaia religion/spirituality on Earth that will play a part in his future.

David Jeffrey has created a science fiction fan’s dream in Through a Forest of Stars, with multiple storylines going on, some great world-building, and interesting characters that make it easy to care about and root for. And the good news is, this is the first book in the series, with the second book, Sun Wolf, already out.

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Author David C. Jeffrey
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 402 pages
Publisher Sylvanus Books
Publish Date 2017-May-25
ISBN 9780998674247 Buy this Book
Issue March 2021
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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