Truthful Misconceptions

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How can we understand a book that was written thousands of years ago and relate the stories to today’s cultures and norms? Truthful Misconceptions aims to provide an accurate interpretation of the Bible for both non-Christians and veteran Christians. While examining different biblical verses, the book explores several topics and themes: parables and symbols, faith, reincarnation, spirituality, miracles, Holy Communion, the Resurrection of Christ, and much more. Should we interpret biblical scriptures literally? Is faith instrumental in accepting fantasies and falsities as facts? Is the term “a living soul” from Genesis 2:7 the same thing as a physical human body? Are the scriptures even congruent? Truthful Misconceptions provides answers to these questions and more in order to guide readers on the path to unraveling the deeply buried messages in the Bible.

One of the many aspects of the book that got me fully attentive was the analysis that compares some scientific terms with biblical concepts. For example, the idea of “dark waters” as mentioned in Psalm 18:11 (King James version) is compared to “darkness upon the face of the deep” as mentioned in Genesis 1:2 regarding creation and translated to mean dark energy in scientific lingo. The profound analysis in Truthful Misconceptions made me realize that I need to look at the scriptures with a more thorough approach to gain more insights.

Con Trong Bui makes use of different elements to ensure readers understand his message: employing mathematical calculations to arrive at logical conclusions, relating scientific terms to biblical concepts, and asking and answering key questions about the scriptures.

While many of the points in the book are logical, I found it hard to agree with some. In fact, some statements in the book are quite controversial, like the statement that Buddha achieved “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.” As there are more bold claims like this in the book, it would appeal more to an open-minded audience.

Though I used to pride myself on reading the entire Bible, I see now that I was only taking the Bible literally and I would have to read it again to get the intended messages. You should read Truthful Misconceptions if you find it hard to understand some things in the Bible, wonder why some biblical concepts seem contradictory, or just want to start reading the Bible. Even readers like me, who think they have figured out all the core messages in the Bible, would learn from it. Truthful Misconceptions is an insightful, multilayered map to navigating and understanding the Bible beyond its literal application.

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Author Con Trong Bui
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 423 pages
Publisher Outskirts Press
Publish Date 20-Dec-2021
ISBN 9781977245762 Buy this Book
Issue February 2022
Category Religion