Two As One Forever: A Better You, A Better Marriage

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What is marriage? For some people, it is a union between two people who have committed to loving and supporting each other for the rest of their lives. Apart from planning their weddings, couples have to negotiate how to make their marriages work. The thrill of getting married doesn’t last forever, and problems start to spring up, especially when the two don’t understand themselves very well. A blissful marriage that follows Biblical rules is not impossible.

Beverly V. Thomas, a pastor and a woman who has married, divorced, and remarried the same husband, explains the factors that influence marriage. Things that can make or break a relationship, and the right things to do to ensure a fruitful marriage. She talks about how unconditional love is very important and the different types of love.

The author beseeches couples to model their love for each other after the love that exists between Christ and his church. In every marriage, challenges will come up, but maintaining faith is the key. Other things that help promote peace in the relationship include forgiveness. Couples should learn to let go of grudges, as they only encourage hatred, and the benefits of forgiveness are immense. Communication is another way to foster a quality marriage. Problems arise when both parties don’t know how to communicate their needs and feelings.

The couple should understand that each person is a separate individual with a distinct character, and attempting to change the other person or impose your choices on them isn’t the right option.

Beverly writes the book with no fluff, goes straight to the point, and shares her perspective without pointing accusing fingers. The book is not only based on her experience in her marriage but also on Bible teachings. I feel happy that I found this book at the right time in my relationship. Sometimes we say mean things to our partner when we’re angry. I’m guilty of it too, and this book shows me how to manage such situations.

The part on effective communication and how to achieve it was my favorite part. Better communication equals peace and understanding, and I look forward to applying the teachings in this book. I agree with the author that marriage is give and take, and each person should be ready to make sacrifices.

Focusing on your career or business while neglecting your partner, or gloating over accomplishments, seems to make things worse. I love how the steps in this book are practical and apply to modern marriages. Overall, Two As One Forever: A Better You, A Better Marriage by Beverly V. Thomas is enlightening and well-written. It is perfect for newlyweds or anyone looking to get married soon or in the future.

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Author Beverly V Thomas
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 124 pages
Publisher Christian Faith Publishing
Publish Date 13-Sep-2022
ISBN 9781639619290 Buy this Book
Issue June 2023
Category Self-Help