Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race

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The answer to the titular question of Reni Eddo-Lodge’s book is less succinct than the statement might imply. Though the book is inspired by Eddo-Lodge’s viral blog post of the same title, the book expands on the larger unspoken context around the post. The book functions as an attempt to provide the context and background needed to have an informed and productive discussion about racism as a white person. I say “white person” specifically because, despite the title, the book is geared toward bringing white people into conversations about racism. Because white people tend to bring the same blind spots, feelings of defensiveness, and unproductive responses to conversations with people of color on the topic of race.

Eddo-Lodge begins with a succinct overview of race relations in Britain (Eddo-Logde is British, btw), which follows almost shockingly similar contours as US race relations (complete with trumped-up charges, lynchings, police brutality, unofficial segregation, and economic disadvantage). She then moves on to detail the specific ways in which racism functions in modern society, from white privilege and defensiveness to the intersections of gender and class with race.

Eddo-Lodge has a warm and conversational tone and discusses the fundamentals of systemic and institutional racism frankly and articulately. She’s frank about white privilege, but her writing addresses the topic in a way that’s approachable and welcoming to those who might be intimidated by or apprehensive of the topic.

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Author Reni Eddo-Lodge
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 272 pages
Publisher Bloomsbury Circus
Publish Date 2017-Nov-07
ISBN 9781408870556
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Issue March 2018
Category Current Events & Politics


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