You Are Your Healer: The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self

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True happiness, empathy, and fulfillment seem to be in short supply these days, even though we have much more material wealth than the previous generations. What could be the cause of this epidemic of emptiness in a world of excess? You Are Your Healer: The Ultimate Guide to Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life & Awaken to Your True Self guides readers towards healing from all forms of emotional suffering and finding a self-sufficient state of happiness. It reveals that every individual’s true, divine nature is happiness and peace. The book’s author, Yol Swan, has spent more than 30 years exploring psychology, examining spirituality, and helping herself and clients around the world find emotional and spiritual freedom. Her illuminating, soul-enriching book covers such profound subjects as the love-consciousness pyramid, the best version of you, a spiritual view of the ego, reclaiming your inner power, healing the past through the present, and the complex nature of your soul.

You Are Your Healer delivers everything it promises and more. I gained from the transformative effect of the book in two ways: reading and reflecting on the positive, liberating messages and using them as a map to look within and navigate my way to peace and happiness. One of my favorite messages reveals that since changing the past is not an option, “your job is to simply listen to tune in and free your inner voice.”

Its conversational, straightforward language is one of the book’s many attractive features. Using real-life scenarios and stories about her personal experiences, Yol guides the reader to help in fully understanding the book’s messages. For example, to illustrate that one should love without having the sort of sense of ownership that corrupts love, she uses an example of a bank manager who does their best to manage the money in their care without being attached to it.

You Are Your Healer clears the illusion fed to us by the media, profit-driven companies, fake teachers, and every entity that traps people with detrimental pursuits and leaves them living in fear of one another. It spreads wonderful, positive messages of love, happiness, peace, contentment, forgiveness, honesty, and more. Books that have such healing, uplifting, and life-changing content as Yol Swan’s make me excited about the future of humanity. The book is a must-read for readers who wish to understand the fundamentals of and follow a practical system involving self-inquiry, the non-dual path of self-knowledge, yoga philosophy, and Buddha’s teachings. Also, you should read this book if you are unsatisfied with your current situation, seek genuine happiness, or hope to heal from torturous memories of the past.

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Author Yol Swan
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 274 pages
Publisher Sri Devi Press
Publish Date 08-Aug-2022
ISBN 9780986365454 Buy this Book
Issue August 2022
Category Spirituality & Inspiration