Your Robot Dog Will Die

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On Dog Island, the company Mechanical Tail makes life-like, mechanical replacements of dogs. Interestingly, the last real living dogs also live on the island. The main character, Nano Miller, gets a new robot dog from Mechanical Tail every year. This sounds great, but Nano does not think so because the company takes the dog away from her a year later. How can she bond with something she knows she is going to lose?

Somehow, Nano finds a real-life, tail-wagging, living puppy. It is not vicious or feral, like the other remaining living dogs. Nano is not supposed to keep the puppy, but she can’t let it go.

When Nano takes the puppy to Fuzzy Mansion, where Organics (living animals) are safely kept, they find her brother, Billy, who has been missing for the last year. What happened to Billy, and what does that have to do with Organics being hunted and killed? Can Nano figure out the nefarious plan before it is too late?

I liked this book because it is a very unique approach to a storyline. I’ve never read a book where an entire species is being made to go extinct. It was suspenseful and exciting!

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Author Arin Greenwood
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 208 pages
Publisher Soho Teen
Publish Date 2018-Apr-17
ISBN 9781616958398
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Issue October 2018
Category Young Adult


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