Zionism: A Very Short Introduction

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This book walks readers through the history of an ideology that continues to profoundly influence the world. Zionism was (or is) the belief that the Jewish people should be gathered. It didn’t always mean to a particular place – it was more a philosophical idea, in the beginning; and in fact, the concept of a true Jewish “state” sometimes met with heated, even violent, resistance. However, over the course of decades this idea gained a strong enough following to lead to the formation of the nation of Israel. This was not the end, however – the nation continues to struggle as it searches for its place on the international stage.

This is all an incredibly thought-provoking and (in many ways) provocative story, and author Stanislawski is careful to relay only the history neutrally, without advocating for any particular political position. There is enough detail here to get the broad overview without it being overwhelming and to encourage further study. If you have questions about the situation between Israel and Palestine, if you want to understand the politics and the history of the region, if you want to really grasp the nuances of the debates, you must start with Zionism. Start with this book.

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Author Michael Stanislawski
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 152 pages
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publish Date 2016-Dec-02
ISBN 9780199766048
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Issue June 2017
Category Philosophy


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