Adventures in the Biostate

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Andy Lazris’s Adventures in the Biostate weaves a grand tale about a world where the people are ruled by extremists and health freaks. They claim they’ve created a society where people are living long and happy lives, crime and terrorism are almost nonexistent, and even diseases that kill people are no more. Marissa finds out she is deemed a threat to society and has no idea who reported her for her little slip-up. Could it be her doctor or ex-husband? Regardless, Marissa decides she won’t go down without a fight. What does the future hold for our rebel protagonist? Join Marissa and other rebels in Adventures in the Biostate as secrets unravel and political battles wage on in a false utopian world.

The book’s worldbuilding is in class on its own. I am still astounded by how real events are merged expertly with fictional ones, such as the mask controversy during COVID-19 and fictional characters who find wearing masks unnecessary. The book’s democrat and liberal groups both have dangerous extremists who exploit the sophisticated system of the government despicably. A group called The Four Bs—representing beer, bowling, butts, and badass—go as far as taking out those who don’t wear masks.

Though the story is told from multiple perspectives, it never veers too far off from a familiar point and the core themes of the narrative. I enjoyed the seamless blend of various intriguing themes, including dystopia, dance, discrimination, politics, education, health, science, romance, smoking, and more. The book offers several thought-provoking ideas, like smoking freely and trusting the healthcare system to keep you healthy. This concept calls attention to the irony of accepting unhealthy habits and trusting big pharma and a questionable health system instead of choosing healthier practices.

From the intricate backstories to the contrasting and unique personalities, the book hooks you with an interesting group of characters. Whether it’s the female president who mysteriously disappears, Mic Medicine who is the world’s most famous scientist and talks about the wonders of the biostate, or Ted who detested the liberal elites but later becomes the state’s greatest executioner, each character adds intrigue and richness to the story.

Adventures in the Biostate is not only an engrossing fiction that’s hard to put down for even a second, it’s also a greatly insightful book that serves as a warning on the grim reality of a future of relying completely on modern systems as opposed to embracing natural, healthy living or asking important questions. Like Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Catcher in the Rye, there’s a lot of truth hidden in Andy’s book. It’s a must-read!

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Author Andy Lazris
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 257 pages
Publisher independent, kdp
Publish Date 17-Dec-2023
ISBN 9798872156970 Buy this Book
Issue February 2024
Category Popular Fiction