Behind the Red Door

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Twenty years ago, Astrid, a teenage girl, was kidnapped and then returned under mysterious circumstances. Now Astrid has disappeared again. Fern is an anxious wife who had a less than ideal childhood. Although both parents were detached, her father often used Fern as a subject for his theories about fear, gauging her reactions to his cruel “tests.” While Fern does not remember anything about Astrid’s first disappearance, she is convinced that she knows more than she can recall. When Fern returns home to help her father pack for a move to Florida, she attempts to find out not only what happened two decades ago, but also how she is connected to Astrid.

It is evident that Behind the Red Door author Megan Collins did her homework when researching memories and the impact of trauma. She sets the stage for what should be a truly creepy story. Unfortunately, while the plot is intriguing, the book fails to deliver the much anticipated thrills. While it was interesting to see Fern’s growth as the book progressed, many of the elements in the story were a little too far-fetched, and the somewhat predictable ending made this one just an okay read. Behind the Red Door would be a quick read for someone who enjoys mysteries involving messy family relationships.

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Author Megan Collins
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 305 pages
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Publish Date 04-Aug-2020
ISBN 9781982130398 Buy this Book
Issue August 2020
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller


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