Berlin: Life and Death in the City at the Center of the World

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Berlin is a city of culture and beauty in Germany that was subject to warfare and destruction on a catastrophic level during the twentieth century. A city that celebrated its liberated citizenry would go through the full spectrum dominance of Nazi rule. A portion of its Jewish population would be decimated by the murderous machinations of the holocaust. By 1945, Berlin was in tatters, the sight of allied bombing and a looming invasion from Russia. The war was coming to an end, however, a new war had been christened. The rule of the Nazis would be replaced by the Allied armies. Berlin would be divided and occupied by forces engaged in a cold war. A battle of wills ensued, lasting another forty years.

Berlin: Life and Death in the City at the Center of the World is a historical ode to the fall and rebirth of an iconic city. Author Sinclair McKay follows the wayward path of the city from both World Wars through the Cold War, highlighting the resilience of the city and its populace. McKay insightfully pinpoints Berlin’s accomplishments and pitfalls in a thoughtful memoir/history of the German capital. This is history at its finest.

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Author Sinclair McKay
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 464 pages
Publisher St. Martin's Publishing Group
Publish Date 23-Aug-2022
ISBN 9781250277503 Buy this Book
Issue November 2022
Category History