Betty White’s Pearls of Wisdom

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Betty White’s Pearls of Wisdom almost seems intrusive to read, as it is about the personal and intimate relationship the author and her family had with Betty, and the twelve pearls of wisdom are stories, humanitarian acts, and personality traits that may or may not have been known about Betty in her personal life. Each pearl of wisdom describes another attribute and genuineness of Betty that showcases what the world lost when she passed away and transitioned to the next stage of her existence.

Each pearl contains stories that are heartwarming to the mind and soul and bring about thoughts and concerns that aren’t always at the forefront of our lives, but that mattered much to Betty. This reader had superficial knowledge of Betty, based on how she appeared and acted in her television shows. Betty White’s Pearls of Wisdom presented a new and more genuine person to these eyes.

The stories are easily understandable and hopefully relatable to all readers, especially those who have experienced loving relationships and ones that allow you to be yourself and receive the strength and support needed from those around you.

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Author Patty Sullivan
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher Forefront Books
Publish Date 13-Dec-2022
ISBN 9781637631645 Buy this Book
Issue January 2023
Category Biographies & Memoirs