In Transit: Being Non-Binary in a World of Dichotomies

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In Transit: Being Non-Binary in a World of Dichotomies is authored by Dianna E. Anderson. It is divided into several sections, each with a different focus. The first section deals with philosophy, personhood, and identity. It contains quite a bit of philosophy. The second section is specifically why I enthusiastically recommend the book. I teach history and the section explains the rather long but, unfortunately, largely forgotten history of non-binary people throughout world history. It left me wondering how I lived my life without knowing about The Public Universal Friend. I wondered, as well, how I teach history but didn’t know of Christine Jorgensen. Section 9 offers advice for allies, without being preachy. It ends in section 10 with reminding the readers of the complexities of most narratives, while bringing to light the hidden queer history Kitty Genovese, a tale I mistakenly thought I knew. Anderson offers their humanity in each section, and is witty, sharp, and informative. As the parent of a trans person and as someone who cares about humanity, I hope this book is in every library in the country.

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Author Dianna E. Anderson
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 178 pages
Publisher Broadleaf Books
Publish Date 12-Jul-2022
ISBN 9781506479248 Buy this Book
Issue September 2022
Category Self-Help