More Mediterranean: 225+ New Plant-Forward Recipes Endless Inspiration for Eating Well

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America’s test Kitchen has produced another excellent cookbook that also aims to educate readers. The “Why This Recipe Works” section at the beginning of each recipe not only provides readers with a basis for understanding what makes it a good dish, but also a basis for substitutions and modifications. In this regard, More Mediterranean does not disappoint. Each recipe lists the ingredients, why it works, and a step-by-step guide to preparing the dish. There is also a full-color picture that illustrates what the final product should look like.

The book is divided into three sections (Plants, Grains & Beans, and Meat, Fish, Tofu & More). Within the first two sections, the recipes are divided along traditional lines (soups, salads, sides, main, etc.). The last section is divided based on which protein is part of the recipe. The layout is uncluttered, the instructions clear, the full-color pictures stunning, and the recipes delicious.

However, there are two drawbacks: First, Mediterranean cooking is traditionally an act of family bonding, and hence the food preparation process is involved. Even the “simplified” recipes take time. Second, the ingredients may be more difficult to obtain in supermarkets. Ethnic stores may carry them, or they can be ordered online. However, the recipes are flavorful and well-worth the extra preparation.

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Format Trade
Page Count 448 pages
Publisher America's Test Kitchen
Publish Date 07-Dec-2021
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Issue May 2022
Category Cooking, Food & Wine