Race Against Time The Politics of a Darkening America

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In Race Against Time, political pundit, researcher, and author Keith Boykin unleashes his unique insight and analysis of the racially charged drivers of anger and discontent among Trump-supporting White Americans. Boykin examines the current and historical framing of racial strife in political campaigns as a “never-ending civil war,” driving Whites and people of color further apart.

Boykin states the obvious about fear and resentment against Blacks and other people of color gaining––and demanding––equity. As America gets “Blacker and Browner,” the sense of urgency to protect systems and institutions built upon White supremacist ideologies is palpable. This is especially true among the conservative bloc.

Boykin writes well-reasoned arguments, supporting his claims with facts from historical evidence. He weaves in his own experiences and reflections on living as a Black gay man in the U.S., observing how conversations about race may have evolved somewhat, although action and change are lacking.

The book’s call to action targets people who make policy decisions about or have influence over efforts to end persistent racism that leads to racial disparities. It may also be appealing to progressive minds who seek to make sense of why race-baiting tactics appeal to certain White Americans. It’s a timely reminder that unless we work intently on atonement and accountability, the country will never resolve its racial crises.

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Author Keith Boykin
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 298 pages
Publisher Perseus Books
Publish Date 14-Sep-2021
ISBN 9781645037262
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Issue November 2021
Category Current Events & Politics