Shallow Stock

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Shallow Stock is a fascinating look into the longtime war between two family corporations in the City. Wynter McGlynn is the current generation in the McGlynn-Lansing clan to head her family’s company as Director. Julian Dayton is the head of his company, however, his brother Eddie, seems to be the favorite amongst just about everyone. Julian is rough around the edges and isn’t able to put a spin on his business rhetoric like Eddie can. Eddie is as smooth as silk, able to read people and what they want to get what he wants.

This book was entertaining from cover to cover as storylines overlapped only to neatly meet in the end. I especially loved the character development that Author D.R. Shores took the time to nurture throughout the story. McGlynn is a superstar and as a woman, she continues to prove not only that a woman can hold her own in a large corporation such as Mcglynn-Lansing, but she can also lead her team through the trenches whether it’s through loss or scandal. The author does a fabulous job of inserting The Post journalist Sunita Malik who has a backstory of her own as to why she became a journalist. Julian’s childhood is also explored and many times, as in this case, it is necessary in order to understand how someone became the way they are in adulthood.

As McGlynn-Lansing and Dayton enter into a court battle in which McGlynn-Lansing is suing Dayton over stealing code, their main witness disappears. Furthermore, a huge business deal with a large tech company is dependent on the outcome of the verdict.

Although the story has many different angles, it is easy to follow and understand how everything connects. The scenes are descriptive and take their time to engage the reader, with meticulous descriptions of each setting and the intentions of each character. There were a few parts of the book that I felt were questionable in terms of necessity, however, and these mainly had to do with the sexual relationships of both Wynter and Julian. These parts almost felt like afterthoughts because although they gave insight into the characters’ personal lives, they didn’t add anything to the story or to the characters themselves.

Overall, Shallow Stock is a well-executed story about two important companies battling it out on every level. With themes of intergenerational transfer of power, media manipulation, corporate corruption and scandal, and moral compromise, readers who enjoy the shows Succession and Billions will love Shallow Stock.

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Author D R Shores
Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 420 pages
Publisher TBC
Publish Date 21-Mar-2024
ISBN 1738541517 Buy this Book
Issue April 2024
Category Modern Literature