Star Wars Be More Boba Fett

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If in doubt, ask yourself: “What would Boba Fett do?” Okay, not every problem can be solved with an EE-3 blaster and a flamethrower, but the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter also has some valuable wisdom to offer.

In Be More Boba Fett, Joseph Jay Franco has gathered together a host of truisms and advice stemming from Fett’s varied life experiences that are intended to direct and guide future freelancers. Divided into sections covering how to find your path, the pros and cons of work for hire, how to stand out from the crowd, how to master your trade, and the benefits of playing a long game, the book is a valuable how-to guide and motivator for those looking to break into the bounty-hunting game (hopefully in a galaxy far, far away).

In addition to useful advice such as “There’s a fine line between friend and frenemy” and “Learn the many ways to skin a Loth-cat,” the book is packed with quotations from famous faces within the Star Wars universe as well as numerous images and illustrations from the films and television series. It also contains all the information you could possibly need about forming alliances, quickly sizing-up enemies, and ensuring you have the right equipment for the job.

Be More Boba Fett might be a quick read, but it’s certainly full of plenty of (deadly) wisdom. Whether you’re looking to make it as a freelance assassin or to independently pursue a more mundane career, Boba Fett has all the advice that you never knew you needed.

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Author Joseph Jay Franco
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 72 pages
Publisher DK
Publish Date 21-Dec-2021
ISBN 9780744053166 Buy this Book
Issue April 2022
Category Reference