Summer Drinks: Over 100 refreshing recipes to enjoy in the sunshine

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Summer Drinks includes five categories of drinks. Not being an avid alcoholic drinker, I was still familiar with each section by name. The drinks included in the categories are familiar ones, and now the reader can make them in the comfort of their home. The pictures are helpful to know what you’ll be concocting, as well as starting the salivation in your mouth. The first four drink categories are alcoholic, with the last category being juices and mocktails – your more family-friendly options.

This reviewer had intentions of trying out a drink or two, partly because it makes for a better review as well as the fact that they looked so good! I made the Shirley Temple listed in the last section of the book. This drink includes three ingredients total, whereas nearly every other has a minimum of three ingredients plus a garnish, going up to six to seven in some. If the reader tries these drinks, have a well-stocked supply of alcohol and drink tools. If you start from scratch on certain ones, expect to spend a minimum of fifty dollars on drink supplies. Some instructions looked complicated, so knowledge of drink-making will go a long way.

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Author Ryland Peters & Small
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 222 pages
Publisher Ryland Peters & Small
Publish Date 25-May-2021
ISBN 9781788793582 Buy this Book
Issue October 2021
Category Cooking, Food & Wine