Sun Eye Moon Eye

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Vincent Czyz’s Sun Eye Moon Eye presents a mentally engaging tale that is built around complicated relationships involving a psychiatric patient, a doctor, and likable lovers. Logan, a half-Hopi Indian, finds himself in a psychiatric hospital after engaging in a nasty fight that leads to someone’s death. Since Aristotle, the doctor, is attracted to the unclassifiables, he finds an interesting challenge in his new patient, Logan.

Meanwhile, Logan struggles with coming to terms with his father’s death while navigating the challenges of strange dreams, falling in love, and reigniting a buried music passion. As the characters’ paths intertwine in a sensational, mind-bending plot, the book offers an engaging exploration of psychology, native Indian culture, philosophy, and more.

One of the novel’s best features is its fascinating use of lyrical language. Czyz skillfully creates engaging imagery with metaphorical sentences like “Logan looked up at the telephone-pole crosses, like solid shadows cast on the sky.” I enjoyed reading the words aloud, as it allowed me to feel like a poet. Even the physical descriptions are something a master poet would be proud of.

The book is a brilliant blend of thought-provoking subjects, from native cultures to astrology, psychology, psychedelics, and religion. As an Aquarius, I enjoyed the conversations about the age of the Aquarius and learned that Jesus was born around the age of the Pisces. Additionally, several psychological subjects are discussed, including behaviorism, consciousness, mental illness, and hallucinations.

Czyz creates a mysterious, chilly atmosphere that keeps the reader guessing and curious throughout. The plot incorporates dreams, Native American themes, and conversations with a dead father in a captivating blend of psychology and spirituality. I thought Logan’s dreams about his dead father portray him as a child who still feels lost and wishes to connect with a part of his past. Also, his passionate, steamy relationship with his lover, as well as his history with music, adds more layers to his complex, lifelike personality.

As much as I loved the book, I disliked its slow pace and its lengthy scenes. The book contains various intriguing topics, and its characters are sophisticated and well-developed. However, its complicated multiple perspectives and a confusing mixture of present events and narrated accounts result in a somewhat uncomfortable read.

Ultimately, this deeply intricate tale offers readers a chance to engage their mental faculties and consider new ideas regarding spirituality and how the mind works. Despite its flaws, it’s a lyrical masterpiece with a lot of beautiful, bookmark-worthy lines. It’s great for a laid-back, seaside read.

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Author Vincent Czyz
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 558 pages
Publisher Spuyten Duyvil
Publish Date 19-Mar-2024
ISBN 9781959556831 Buy this Book
Issue March 2024
Category Modern Literature