Teaching Mindfulness: A Guidebook for Teachers, Parents, Counselors, and Caregivers

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For adults, remembering what it was like as a kid can be difficult, especially depending on how many years ago that was. Many things have changed, including what was or wasn’t accepted, compared to today’s standards in society. Mindfulness and many mental health-related concepts weren’t known or spoken of as much as they are currently. In Teaching Mindfulness, professionals (teachers, counselors, and this includes parents/caregivers) are provided with resources and activities at their disposal to maintain a more calm and productive audience of children. The framework for the book revolves around the vowels of the alphabet – the letters needed to compose a legitimate word; each vowel represents a word attributed to a mindfulness attribute, followed by various activities to reinforce how to master each skill.

Teaching Mindfulness is enjoyable and understandable! Explanations and references are included, as well as additional signage to use around your area to further reinforce and remind your audience of what to be mindful of, with the help of bright colors and visually-stimulating pictures. Mindfulness isn’t something secluded to children, but the more kids who learn these skills will become future adults who will be a step ahead of others, which will benefit not only themselves but society as a whole as well.

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Author PhD, Amoneeta Beckstein,Jana York
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 120 pages
Publisher BPC
Publish Date 26-Jul-2022
ISBN 9781939053411
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Issue November 2022
Category Parenting & Families