The Hunt for Raubgold

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The central theme of Katherine Burlake’s novel, The Hunt for Raubgold, is the pursuit of the gold that Germany seized during WWII. Seven decades after the war, various individuals and groups are searching for gold, which is likely worth more than a billion dollars. Amy Prowers, the book’s protagonist, discovers her first husband’s map and journal when a natural disaster reveals where they’d been buried for years. Even though Vince died twenty years ago, she aspires to legitimize all of his efforts by finishing what he started and locating the gold he intended to uncover before his unfortunate death. The gold, according to Vince, represents the souls of those who perished during WWII. Amy shares the same belief, and she is determined to locate it, even if it means traveling to Europe, facing right-wing extremists, and risking assaults by killers. While she hunts for the gold her husband left hints about, she risks leaking knowledge about the gold to extremists, who will almost certainly exploit it for evil. Will Amy find the gold on time and in one piece?

As I am a lover of intricate thrillers, The Hunt for Raubgold piqued my attention with its compelling mix of competing interests, the complexities of the extremist group, and the gradually emerging clues of the gold quest. Furthermore, the past and the present are seamlessly blended as the protagonist studies history to learn more about the current location of the gold; Katherine’s intelligent characters discuss historical matters such as the Swiss banking laws of 1934 and the incidents that preceded efforts to breach bank secrecy.

The Hunt for Raubgold has several comprehensive descriptions, which is great for a narrative set in various European locations. I enjoyed imagining the “cold, drippy fog” of Unter der Linden and the “white-stucco structures and red-tile roofs” of Neustrelitz. Readers should expect various surprising turns and spine-chilling situations, such as protests, bloodshed, and perilous relationships with radicals. Katherine Burlake’s ability to create tense circumstances makes the novel an unforgettable read.

One of the few drawbacks of the book is that the complicated information is overpowering; it overshadows insights on relatable issues and engaging relationships. I hoped to learn more about the protagonist’s personality and to follow her intimate connections, but the story’s complexity made this difficult.

Nevertheless, the thrilling plot, profound historical facts, and perilous missions in The Hunt for Raubgold are sure to keep readers engaged for hours. Thriller fans, history lovers, and those who enjoy storylines involving treasure hunts will find this book appealing. Since it ends with a cleverly constructed cliffhanger, I look forward to seeing the follow-up to the story.

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Author Katherine Burlake
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 326 pages
Publisher Bublish, Inc.
Publish Date 05-Jan-2023
ISBN 9781647046316 Buy this Book
Issue March 2023
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller