The Least Among Us

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The Least Among Us is a story that centers around public defender Julia Geary, the case she is working on, and her family life. Julia knows the homeless community well and has defended many people. One man whom she knows very well as someone who is a jokester and who has gotten caught for some little misdemeanors like drunken in public is now being charged with murder. But Julia knows Ray Belkin didn’t kill his friend Billy, another man living homeless in the community. She works to find out who really did the deed and, in the process, finds herself and her young son in a dangerous position.

I really enjoyed the story that Gwen Florio laid out for the readers. The characters were well-described, and Julia, although very stubborn, is a likable protagonist who just wants justice. I think her one flaw is that she is a little too trusting. There are a few tense scenes that create the climax in the story, which are really exciting and will have readers biting their nails. Overall, the story brings a great investigation together for readers who will be trying to solve the case themselves.

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Author Gwen Florio
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count
Publisher Crooked Lane Books
Publish Date 06-Dec-2022
ISBN 9781639100682 Buy this Book
Issue December 2022
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller