The Secrets We Live In : A Novel

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Ambassador Zain Auzaar has been posted to Paris in order to get aid and a nuclear deal for his government, but he is being pulled in numerous directions. The French government is preoccupied with the increasing immigrant crisis, and Auzaar is under pressure to help even though it’s not part of his mandate. At the same time, he has some powerful enemies who want to eliminate him, and his security team is trying to keep a close eye on him.

However, he likes to throw lavish parties, which brings him into close contact with lots of guests. One guest, in particular, Brianna, reminds him of a long-lost love, leaving him pinning for the past. Also, at one of his parties, an older man dies and Auzaar comes to the attention of the local French police, making some wonder if Auzaar is really up to the job at hand. Time will tell if he can get the deal he needs and if those around him will remain loyal.

The Secrets We Live In is an interesting novel full of political action and intrigue. I like the fact that the characters reminded me of well-known national and international figures. It also encompasses many current and global themes, making it topical and engaging. But sadly, I feel this book is in desperate need of professional editing. There were numerous grammatical issues, especially regarding the use of prepositions. At times, the writing was awkward and stilted. I sometimes needed to pause and reread sentences to ensure that I understood what the author wanted to convey. Naturally, this slows down the flow and makes the story seem uneven.

I think the author did a better job with dialogue than with the descriptions in between. I would have preferred more showing than telling at times during the course of the story. It would have made it appear more visual and stimulating. Having said that, I think he did a good job conveying the international settings and developing his characters.

This is a tale that will appeal to those interested in international affairs. It has a lot of good elements: intrigue, conflict, action, current events, and a bit of romance. Overall, I enjoyed the story, but I was simply disappointed in the editing and the delivery. All of which is a pity because I believe this story deserves a chance to be as good as it can be.

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Author Fazle Chowdhury
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 279 pages
Publisher Puffins Publishers Private Limited
Publish Date 25-Dec-2021
ISBN 9798885256292 Buy this Book
Issue January 2022
Category Mystery, Crime, Thriller