Tomorrow: A Novel

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Tomorrow, the novel’s titular canine hero, has been waiting for his master on the steps of a Venice cathedral for one hundred and twenty-seven years. When the long-forgotten villain Vilder suddenly reappears, Tomorrow sets out to rescue his master, Valentyne, and uncover the truth about who Vilder really is. Along the way, Tomorrow recounts the adventures he and Valentyne have faced in their centuries wandering across Europe, and at the heart of his retellings lies the mystery of how he and Valentyne have gained immortality. What results is a gentle, fairy tale-like fable of a dog’s undying loyalty and bravery meeting everlasting life.

Although not recommended for younger readers or more sensitive animal lovers, Tomorrow is not just one of the best animal-centered books I have ever read, it is one of the most enjoyable novels I have read in a long time, period. Animal, fantasy, and historical-fiction lovers alike will find many reasons to stay up late reading just one more page of this entertaining, albeit occasionally heartbreaking, tale of courage and canine devotion. Dibben’s ability to create an original narrative voice and perspective, coupled with the novel’s fantasy and historical elements, make Tomorrow an unforgettable read.

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Author Damian Dibben
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 336 pages
Publisher Hanover Square Press
Publish Date 2018-Mar-20
ISBN 9781335580290
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Issue October 2018
Category Historical Fiction


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