Walt Disney’s Donald Duck: Jumpin’ Jupiter!: Disney Masters Vol. 16 (The Disney Masters Collection)

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Fans of Mickey Mouse and his gang will enjoy Donald Duck: Jumpin’ Jupiter! While the famous mouse does not appear in this book, other lovable characters such as Donald Duck, Goofy, and Scrooge McDuck do. Four comics make up //Jumpin’ Jupiter//, with the first one, “Fear the Wrath of Rebo!” a continuation of a previously published comic. The comics are all from different years, ranging from 1960-2007; the reader will have no idea since they flow smoothly from each other. Donald and Scrooge must save the earth and themselves from the Saturnian – Rebo, Goofy visits Wonderland, and Scrooge and Gizmo discover black holes.

Reading these comics took me back to my childhood, although truthfully, I still enjoy watching “Duck Tales” and anything Disney! I am more of a fan of “older” things than modern ones, and this book did not disappoint. Each cell had bright and detailed illustrations that made the book page-turning and kept me guessing how they would beat or outsmart the bad guys, all while staying true to their characters that we all know and love. Jumpin’ Jupiter is the choice for Disney fans, young and old alike!

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Author Luciano Bottaro
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 180 pages
Publisher Fantagraphics
Publish Date 04-May-2021
ISBN 9781683964148
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Issue August 2021
Category Sequential Art