Bigger Than This: How to turn any venture into an admired brand

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This isn’t just another guidebook for new innovators trying to find the right niche for their product or service; instead, innovators new and old will find valuable advice on realizing why their brand is important and why connecting with consumers on a deeper level will be a game changer.

Every idea starts somewhere, right? Well, here you’ll discover why the heart and soul behind a business venture that’s not just driven by the dollar but instead has a genuine cause will shine above any competitor, and why well-known brands and positioning within the market is not enough alone for maintaining success in today’s world of business.

Fabian Geyrhalter knows what makes one brand stand out above another, being a renowned brand strategist for Finien Consultancy based in L.A, known for turning ventures into brands. Through real business case studies, he shows how success can be achieved by identifying, understanding, and following eight traits and their commandments that will have your company’s brands singing success while being driven by the loyalty of its consumers.

This is a realistic, easy, and logical companion for any business venture willing to realize and share the story behind their products. A must-read for any entrepreneur.

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Author Fabian Geyrhalter
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 200 pages
Publisher Brandtro
Publish Date 2018-Jan-23
ISBN 9780989646178 Buy this Book
Issue August 2018
Category Business & Investing


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