Bohemian Manifesto: A Field Guide to Living on the Edge

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The life of a bohemian is unfettered from materialism, a freedom from the luxuries others take for granted. The Bohemian is an agent for change as opposed to a run of the mill oddball. The lack of rules indicates a free-spirited nature, encumbrances cast aside. The Bohemian possesses deep courage of conviction, even in the face of ostracism from polite society. The Bohemian is no wallflower. Many bohemians chafe at authority, some are revolutionary in nature even to their detriment. Bohemian Manifesto elaborates on a culture consisting of many layers of individuals who choose non-conformity and their adherence to an outsider perspective.

The book is multi-layered featuring the various subsets of bohemians, quotes indicative of the bohemian life, along with individual bohemians living in their world. The various bohemians consist of The Nouveau Bohemian, who utilizes newly found wealth for altruistic purposes. The Folkloric Bohemian tends to be a wanderer earning a living as a skilled craftsperson. The Beat Bohemian is a well-read artist type. The Zen Bohemian has a rebel streak running deep inside their soul along with a heavy spirituality. The Dandy Bohemian seeks status, yet lacks proper resources to attain them, and projects an image more than anything else. The scents worn by bohemians are strong, sometimes distractingly so, but distinct. The Bohemian makes use of the garden variety household items most wouldn’t consider, yet preps them for a night out. Bohemians are remarkably in touch with the animal kingdom, particularly with respect to keeping outlandish choices for pets. Their romances may be many, mainly because they are fleeting. The longer-term relationships tend to fray at the edges. The bohemian life may not be for everyone, yet that’s what marks them as a rare breed. Bohemians such as Jack Kerouac, Norman Mailer, and Frida Kahlo left their impression on the world. A majority of Bohemians are content with just living in the moment and being themselves, judgment be darned.

The life of a bohemian individual is explored with a fine-tooth comb in Bohemian Manifesto. The reader receives an extensive education in the world of bohemians. The authors delve deeper than the fictional portrayal of the carefree individualists seen in “Rent.” Each chapter brims with factoids about the habits of bohemians, their creature comforts, their motivations. The book is a mix of biography, encyclopedia and social scientific study. The book captures the reader from the introduction to the quiz at the end which shows what type of bohemian one might be. A fun read about those with a zest for living.

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Author Laren Stover and Paul Himmelein, with illustrations by Izak
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 305 pages
Publisher Echo Point Books and Media
Publish Date 2019-05-18
ISBN 0978162654501 Buy this Book
Issue May 2020
Category Special Interest


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