Constant Pull

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Avery Kirk’s gripping novel The Constant Pull/ weaves an intricate fantasy that will capture readers again and again. The book follows Amelia Harper, or Mel for short, a finish carpenter from Michigan who finds herself thrust into an epic battle between two mystery entities. With her best friend Kevin by her side she finds herself on a confusing, terrifying journey of self-discovery and resolve. Without warning, wild dreams and oddly coincidental happenings turn her world upside down. Over time, her family, friends, and distant associates all find themselves entangled and devoted to Amelia’s monumental role. Along the way, each finds their place and steps into their part in this scenario with very little background, preparation, or confidence in the final results. This applies to Amelia, as well, who constantly struggles with the overwhelming magnitude of her responsibilities and requirements. It is the honesty these characters display that endears them to readers’ hearts and brings the connections to life. Together they face a rocky uphill battle overflowing with triumphs and heartbreaks. Readers will find joy and tears between these pages. Kirk’s novel is abundant in detail providing significant depth to the story and individual characters. It is the care Kirk takes to develop these characteristics that leads to the longer page count but also the captivating complexity of the book’s contents. Kirk’s novel is a fascinating story with valuable life lessons woven within the saga. Numerous passages, such as “There is always an opposition…Even for the most noble of endeavors, conflict will arise,” will resonate with readers as lifelong adages. The momentum and intricacy of the novel are ideal for a wide audience across age groups. This material will capture avid readers from adolescents to those forever young at heart. There’s romance, international travel, complex theories, dream study, physics, and combat all rolled into one action-packed adventure. Moreover, Kirk places this wide variety of topics within a thoughtful context that encourages readers to step back and consider the purpose and intent of action beyond pure entertainment. Booklovers will find the words and messages of this novel powerful and meaningful with each reading. Kirk’s electrifying book is a wonderful story that easily earns five stars and a well-deserved place on every reader’s nightstand. Avery Kirk has crafted a memorizing tale that will have you celebrating, sobbing, cheering, and praising the chronicle chapter after chapter. Readers will eagerly await her next installment but it will be hard to top The Constant Pull.

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Author Christine Darbonne
Star Count /5
Format eBook
Page Count 981 pages
Publish Date 2019-12-21
ISBN 0000040220201 Buy this Book
Issue April 2020
Category Popular Fiction


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